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Model shipbuilding
Model windmills
Ferry to the Isle of Texel (nice pictures)
Punter sailing (all thru the middle ages, they still survive)
Hiking in England

Hiking in Scotland

Hiking in Ireland
Hiking in Sweden

chinees karakter voor bootchinese junk models and more

Modelships listed under their Dutch name:

Dory                                                     Grand Banks dory

Opduwer                                              Pushtug less then 20 feet)

Kapteinssloep                                      Captains gig (free style model)

Kano                                                    Canoe (free style model round about 1950)

Brik "Swift"                                          Brig "Swift" drawing by Howard I Chapelle

Kotter "Speedy"                                   Custom cutter from the 18 th century

Eastport Pinky                                      American fishing vessel

Optimist                                               Small international sailingboat

Punter                                                  Typical Dutch transport vessel in the march erea

Roeiboot                                              Rowing/ sailingboat (free style model)

Sleepboot "Furie"                                Famous Dutch tug from about 1930

Staverse Jol                                         Typical Dutch fishing vessel of the Zuiderzee

Visch Hoeker                                        Typical Dutch fishing vessel of the Northsea ( 17 th century)

Zeeschouw                                          Typical Dutch fishing vessel turned into a classical jacht
Jachtje kotter model                          , smal cutterlike motoryacht
Jachtje met buitenboord motor         , smal yacht with outboard motor
Model windmills of Holland

Standaard Molen             Windmill (the whole mill is turned to the wind on a ground axle)

Tjasker                             Small meadow windmill on the principle of Archimedes

Spinnekop                        A millers windmill

Hiking in England

Coast to Coast Wainwright's favourite

Cleveland way

Wolds way

Dales way

Hiking in Ireland

Wicklow way

South Leinster way

East Munster way

Blackwater way

Avondhu way

Duhallow way

Kerry way

Beara way
Dingle way

Hiking in Sweden

Bohus Leden

Hiking in Scotland

West Highland way

Great Glenn way
Southern Upland way


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